Electric Scooters Promise Big Things This Christmas

You may have noticed people commuting around on these crazy looking things and wondered what they were. At first it was only the odd person here and there but now it seems there are hundreds if not thousands of people going around on electric scooters each day. Why are they popping up everywhere all of a sudden? Or more accurately why are people all of a sudden so big into electric scooters when a couple of years ago they were nowhere to be seen.

Contrary to popular believe these electric scooters have been around for quite some time but a few things were holding them back. One of these things was how they looked. The first models of electric scooters were not pretty and they were quite big and bulky. This brings us to the other reason they were not so popular from the start and this is the price. Electric scooters were starting at over €1,000 just a few years ago but now you can get something like the Xiaomi M365 from escooterireland for just €449. That is a huge difference in price so it is easy to see how big they have gotten.

What is strange is that they were really being pushed by Chinese companies rather than Western companies and they were not doing huge advertising campaigns. In a way they did almost come out of nowhere considering there was no big companies pushing them hard other than the rental scooter companies but that is almost a different market. In this case they are being rented for short trips rather than being sold to a consumer.

The price of electric batteries coming down is a huge reason why they are more affordable now. The same of course can be said for the electric car and it is what was holding back the move to electric vehicles as a whole for quite some time. Now that the batteries are more affordable the rest of the electric scooter is not that expensive to make. So this is a big reason why they are popping up…some think they’re cool..others don’t. Make up your own mind :).