How your staycation can help local businesses

Lets face it, 2020 has been a disaster of a year for just about everyone but especially local businesses. Even now in August many of the pubs are still closed and the Cinemas and nightclubs may not open for another few months. With winter coming there is a feeling of anxiety amongst many people in Ireland as our winter months are tough enough as things were. With a short days, rain, wind and ever present clouds winter can get quite depressing here and it is also quite long. Realistically our winter is from October – late March on a good year so yeah that is almost half of the year!

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During lockdown in Spring and Summer at least people could get out for hikes or go to your local park and beach. If lockdown comes back in during winter there won’t be a whole lot to do. Also it is not like there are any movies or TV series being recorded so we will literally be stuck in doors watching reruns of old TV shows…depressing!

But lets try to stay positive. The goods news is that the summer was half salvaged as many people have done staycations. Kerry, Cork and Mayo seemed to be the hot spots this year (like most) and when the weather is good it is a great country to have a holiday in.

Local businesses that are struggling really needed that injection of cash flow. Online businesses have not suffered as much however stock levels seem to be low across the board as shipments were not being made in the summer. Websites like who sell office and gaming chairs have reported that they are out of almost all stock for at least another month which shows that online businesses didn’t even escape the wrath of lockdown.

So if you are planning on getting away this Autumn do your best to holiday in Ireland. We here on the Aran islands really appreciate your business and it will keep us going through winter.